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We commonly think that we learn to speak when we are young and through school. In fact, we are mainly learning a language. Speaking is another story.

The skills of speaking, in public or one-to-one, have the potential to transform your life and the lives of others around you. You can speak to influence, you can speak to inspire, you can speak to inform, you can speak to share a story, you can speak to entertain, and there are many other reasons to speak. You speak everyday, but are you doing it right? Are people LISTENING to you while you speak? Are you reaching your GOAL from the communication?

Speaking and communication in general, like many other skills, could be learned. It takes practice and feedback. Practice and feedback on your public speaking is what you get from a Toastmaster’s meeting, like the ones organized by the Swiss Riviera club. A club is a place where you can fail at speaking, even miserably if you have to, without feeling miserable about it. It is a safe environment to discover your abilities in speaking and communication and work on improving them through trial and feedback. The feedback is given by your ‘buddy’ members in the club, some more and some less experienced, but all are on the same learning journey like yourself  and are there for you, just as much as you are there for them.

{Spoiler alert} In the process, you will notice that with time and practice, your confidence in speaking grows. Moreover, as an association managed by volunteers, a club is also a place to practice and improve your leadership skills by taking different roles during the meetings or as a club committee member. The road to effective leadership passes through effective communication by learning to listen carefully, speaking with confidence and giving constructive feedback. It is guaranteed that along the fun and new friendships you make at the club, you will acquire many transferable skills that could benefit your career, the promotion of your cause or the betterment of your relationships.

But hey! , why believe our words for it, check through the website for more information and come visit one of our meetings to make your own idea about it.

The club is open to external guests without registration! Come as you are and when you like!


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